About Me

cruiseI am a Registered nurse of almost 15 years who has worked in a variety of settings with the most recent one being in a prison where I am the Health Services Administrator.  I have 4 children ranging from 5-16 years old and I am married to the most wonderful man alive.  We found each other later in life but there is no doubt we are soul mates.  I found out about product reviewing when I was doing research for another website I had started and got hooked.  I always have been one to read product reviews before I purchase a product, or read the reviews before I use a recipe for the first time, so what would be more fun than being one of those who helped others?  I have been reviewing now for over a year and love it.  I put a lot of time and effort into testing products either personally or along with a family member, so that I can write the most honest review possible.  I have added links to my other social media outlets so until I get this site fully up and going, feel free to check out some of my older product reviews.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you will leave me a comment and check back often!